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Saddle Cinchas - Arizona - Item #33    Back to Top 
Saddle cinchas - Arizona

Arizona Cinch, 1 in. wide blue felt / mill felt cinch, double rigged. Can be adjusted with load in place by four roller buckles.

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Saddle Cinchas - Three types - Item #34    Back to Top 
$75.00 / $40.00 / $40.00 34A (double) 34B (single) 34C (canvas)
Saddle cinchas - Three types

Single and double mohair blend cinchas. (19 strand, stainless steel rigged, various lengths). Four inch canvas rear cinch.

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Lash Cinchas - (Two types of Cast Aluminum Hooks) - Item #35    Back to Top 
$45.00 35A / 35B
Lash cinchas - (Two types of Cast Aluminum Hooks)

Biothane and canvas lash cinchas. Various lengths with two types of cast aluminum hooks.

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Latigos - Item #36    Back to Top 
(A)$40.00 /(B)$30.00 36A set (4) W 1.5" / 36B set (4) W 2.0"

Latigos are available in:

36A 1.5 in. wide nylon

36B 2.0 in. wide nylon leather

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