Pack Rigging Accessories

  • Water Bags, Feed Bags, Muzzles
  • Highline Swivels
  • Tree Saver
  • Hobbles - Chain
  • Hobbles Picket
  • Hobbles - Bells
  • Hobbles - Scales
  • Blue Creek Bug Dope
  • Blue Creek Trail Riding, Packing and Training Manual
  • Knot Playing Cards
  • Blue Creek Trail Riding and Packing DVD
Water Bag - Item #25    Back to Top 
Water Bag

Water bag made of waterproof Duradon.

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Feed Bag - Item #26    Back to Top 
Feed Bag

Feed bag made of nylon mesh.

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Muzzle - Item #27    Back to Top 

Muzzle, made with plastic strips and adjustable strap.

a) regular size

b) draft size

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Highline Swivels/Tree Saver - Item #28    Back to Top 
$13.50/$12.00 28A / 28B
Highline Swivels/Tree Saver

28A) Swiveling high line.
28B) Tree saver - 2 inch by 8 foot nylon strap.

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Hobbles - Item #30    Back to Top 
$50.00/$60.00 30A / 30B

Biothane Aussie Hobbles, with quick release lock, no buckles. Chain type or picketing, (Hobbles can be separated to picket two horses).

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Bells - Item #31    Back to Top 
$35.00/$40.00 31A / 31B

Bells, 3 in. or 5 in. straps made of leather or biothane.

31A) 3 inch
31B) 5 inch

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Scales - Item #32    Back to Top 

Light weight pack scale, (Weigh up to 100 lbs.)

Knot Playing Cards - Item #83    Back to Top 
 Knot Playing Cards

Teaches more than 50 knots that every horseman and outdoors man should know. Detailed step-by-step drawings with instructions.

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Blue Creek DVD - Item #84    Back to Top 
 Blue Creek DVD

Blue Creek's Trail Riding and Packing DVD

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Blue Creek Bug Dope - Item #85    Back to Top 
Blue Creek Bug Dope

This true and tested recipe works better and lasts longer that on-the-shelf-Products -- guaranteed! Rub a small amount of paste into the chest, cinch, groin, and ear area and it works for days! Outfitters also use it on scalds, rubs, and small wounds. It has a distinct outdoor - pine odor. Repels all flies including Horse Flies, Sandflies, Deer flies, Gnats, No-see-ums and Mosquitoes.

Blue Creek Trail Riding, Packing and Training Manual - Item #86    Back to Top 
Blue Creek Trail Riding, Packing Training Manual

This is the manual used at the Blue Creek Clinics. Written by Stan and Marlene Walchuk, it contains more than 200 pages of detailed information, and more than 150 how-to photographs. This book is a library of information on hitches, knots, trail riding, and training horses for the trail - more information than any book of its type ever.

Units Include: The Right Horse; Training; Riding; packing; On the Trail; Caring For Horses; Problem Solving; and Camping.