Trail Equipment

  • Cargo Carrier
  • Chainsaw Boxes
  • Take Down Saw
  • Hand Saw
  • Pack Saw and Scabbard
  • Axes and Axe Sheaths
Cargo Carrier - Item #12    Back to Top 
Cargo Carrier

Cargo Carrier, designed to carry gravel buckets for trail building, salt blocks, what have you! (Saddle not included)

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Chainsaw Boxes - Item #21    Back to Top 
Chainsaw Boxes

Chainsaw box, mounts on top of pack saddle with aluminum arches. No ropes required. Will accommodate saw 30 in. overall length, or other gear. Also available with a molded snorkel extention for saws with a longer bar.

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Take Down Saw - Item #50     Back to Top 
$38.50/$45.50 50A / 50B
Take Down Saw

Collapsible buck saw with a Swedish steel blade.

50A) 18 in.

50B) 24 in.

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Single Hand Saw - Item #51     Back to Top 
Single Hand Saw

Specifically engineered to cut wood and bone. Blade is 18 in. and made of high grade Swedish band saw steel.

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Saw and Scabbard - Item #54a and 54b     Back to Top 
Saw and Scabbard

54A 18" Fiskars Pack Saw and Scabbard.

54B 24" Fanno Pack Saw and Scabbard.

Cuts on the pull and cleans on the push stroke. Scabbard made of skirting leather and stainless steel buckles. Carbon steel blade holds edge longer.

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Single Axe Sheath - Item #55a and 55b     Back to Top 
Single Axe Sheath

55A Large Single Axe Sheath. 9" L x 6" W

55B Medium Single Axe Sheath. 8" L x 5" W

Made from top quality leather. Measurements reflect axe blade length and edge width. 

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Axe and Sheath - Item #56a and 56b     Back to Top 
Axe and Sheath

56A 23 1/2" Fiskar Axe and Sheath.

56B 28" Fiskar Axe and Sheath

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Heavy Duty Double Axe Sheath - Item #57a and 57b     Back to Top 
Double Axe Sheath

57A Medium Heavy Duty Double Axe Sheath 11" L x 5 1/2" W

57B Large Heavy Duty Double Axe Sheath 12" L x 5 1/2" W

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Trail Axe - Item #66    Back to Top 
Trail Axe

Made in Sweden. Hickory Handle (24"). 2 1/2 lb head. Overall length 26".

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