Here are just a few of the many positive comments we have received from our customers over the years.












Subject: A Note of Thanks from the Long Riders

Dear Kelly,

First, let me apologize for the delay in my reply. My computer was
hit with a virus, so I was knocked off line for several days.

However, having sorted out the trouble, I wanted to reply without
any further delay.

During my time off-line I had time to think about a growing number
of pack-saddle related developments.

We are indeed finalizing an extensive update to the LRG website,
after which we shall issue a large LRG newsletter.

But this newsletter is going to be packed with an enormous amount
of news, gathered from around the world, about a vast number of
important topics.

Consequently, I do not want to bury the news about the newest pack
saddle being available from Custom Pack Rigging amidst so much
other news. It deserves special consideration.

Moreover, I have been steadily collecting my notes connected to an
article I will soon be writing. This article will explain how the
Chinese army is still using their traditional wooden pack saddle,
an item with hundreds of years of confirmed service, with
astonishing success. In sharp contrast, the article will then
investigate how the American military is spending millions to
develop a robotic pack animal/machine.

In addition to this study of contrasting pack saddle systems, I
wish to invite Long Riders from around the world, all of whom have
recently completed journeys, to provide us with new information
about equipment which they have found works well. Their comments
and suggestions will then be added to the LRG's equipment

With the possibility of so much pack-saddle and equipment
information being gathered, we have decided to release all of this
information in the Summer LRG news letter.

If you can spare the time to answer a few questions before then, I
could write up a short article about Custom Pack Rigging - and
explain its on-going importance to the Long Riders.

In your last message you wrote, "Its great to hear that my gear is
still circulating and seeing its way around the world! I feel that
the LRG are definitely responsible for some of my success. You and
Basha are great advocates of Custompackrigging, and I appreciate
all you've done for me."

I'm nothing except honest and blunt, Kelly, so I'll tell you the
brutal truth.

In my personal opinion, no single company has exerted as great an
influence on the development of modern equestrian travel as has
Custom Pack Rigging.

Thanks to your company's adjustable pack saddle, incidents
involving badly wounded pack animals have largely become a thing
of the recent past.

That is why, no matter how many emails we receive, regardless of
where the would-be Long Rider is located, they all receive the
same answer.

The Guild only recognizes, and endorses, one pack saddle. Period.
And you make it. End of story.

If your are enjoying an increased level of success, then it is
well-deserved and rightly earned.

Moreover, as my work on the "Encyclopaedia of Equestrian
Exploration" nears a close, the Guild's unwavering support for CPR
will be committed to paper and preserved for posterity.

Long ago, when you were first tempted to get involved with the
pack saddle business, you probably would never have believed that
you would one day make equestrian travel history. But you have.
And we're proud to endorse CPR at every opportunity.

In closing, I'll be back in touch in a few months time, so as to
update you on my pack-saddle article and to touch base about
promoting your new adjustable pack saddle.

Kind regards,


Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to let you know the pack saddle and gear arrived in Melbourne a few
weeks ago.

So far I'm very happy with the purchase.  Very easy to use, stable solid construction.

Hope you're well.


Hi Kelly,

Now it´s time for me to get some more packsaddles, as I´m moving my outfit to
denmark, mules , horses and family. It´ll be a falltrip of almost a thousand
For ten years I´ve used your adjustables to much enjoyment not only for the horse
and mulebacks , but also for me and my packschool trainees, they keep wanting to buy
them from me so I have to buy new ones!! ;-)
I need 4# 1 bars with # 9 arches and 4 Arizona cinches, 2 28" single packcinch,
10 hi-line swiwels.
I´ll call tomorrow , so now you got the order in Writing

Kindly, Peter

 Dear Kelly,
I hope that you are fine. Sorry for the time to send an email after my return to
France. I just wanted to say to you a huge THANK YOU for the pack saddle lent for my
travel in Argentina Patagonia this winter / spring.  I left the 3rd of December from
el Chalten and I finish early april at Bariloche, with my three horses Pingocho,
Mosquito and chiquito. The travel was great, and the welcoming impressive.
It was so much easier to use a great pack saddle.. for everything, carrying, for the
horse, for I to arrange everything and weight, to cross river and pass everywhere.
The pack is really good and so many times people wanted to buy it. All those who do
a bit of tourism close to bnariloche or El calafate are looking for saddle pack like
this one wich do not exist there.. if you’d like to develop your market there?
Otherwise the only small things that I would adapat would be if it’s possible :
-          The weight of the crates/ boxes  and structure
-          And as they sometimes do on boats, provide the boxes with adapted
flexible Tupperware that perfectly fix to the box to help people arrange and win
time when we look for something in the box (for example 4 to 6 per box to organize –
medicines, foods etc). Because this was so much time to look in the boxes!
-          Provide the pack saddle with an adapted girth that can go all around the
I think that’s all regarding my recommendation. This is very little as the pack was
very easy to use and practice.
Thank you so much again.
I’ll put very soon a note on my website, 123kaballu.
Do not hesitate if you have any questions
Kind regards,

Dear Kelly,

I thought I should send you an email today to bring you up to date regarding what can only be called the phenomenal success of your adjustable pack saddle as it pertains to the wide world of equestrian exploration.

To the best of our knowledge the following Long Riders have used, or are currently using, your adjustable pack saddle in a variety of countries and climates.

François Varigas (France) used the pack saddle to cross the American South West and said - "When we reached Cody (WY), I couldn't believe how good the horses looked."

Kelly, it now seems apparent that your adjustable pack saddle has become the one piece of equipment all equestrian explorers and long distance travelers should have - regardless of which country or climate they are planning to ride through!

best wishes
Long Riders Guild

Gene Glasscock (USA) - Currently riding 20,000 miles to all 48 state capitals in the USA called to say - "I don't know how the adjustable pack-saddle from Custom Pack Rigging could be improved!"

Esther & Horst Stein (Austria) - Currently riding from South Africa to Kenya emailed to report - "The adjustable pack saddle is ideal."

Pam Brookman (Australia) - Currently riding through the Flanders Range in Australia emailed to report - "The Canadian pack saddle is fantastic!"

Saskia Machaczek (Germany) used the adjustable pack saddle on her trip in South America and shared these thoughts - "I used the Custom Pack Rigging adjustable pack-saddle on my trip in Argentina, and was very pleased with it."

Tim Cope's Journey, "In terms of the pack-saddle, fantastic! Something you may not know is that it can be adjusted to fit a Bactrian camel or a Yak with ease!!! I used it for 8 days on a camel through the Kharkirraa mountains in Mongolia and the herders were very impressed. Even the cinch and latigos were long enough to fit no problem. I feel that this discovery gives me more freedom now - I can rest a pack horse by using a camel or yak when necessary." Watch for Tim's book when he returns from his journey.

Hi Kelly, Thank you for the hobbles. They work great! They don't freeze up, they're easy to pack, visible, and take a long time to sore a young horse. They are the best I've ever used to hobble train colts. Dan Leonard.

Hi Kelly, Its Tim Cope here, the young Australian currently travelling from Mongolia to Hungary by horse. A quick email from Kazakhstan where I have been for almost a year now on the horses. Have ridden through everything from 40 degrees to plus 50 degrees Celsius. Have used your two saddles on both camels and horses. They have been a fantastic reliable asset- the pieces of equipment which stay fast when everything around me is turning into a storm. Quite frankly I have had a lot less trouble with the pack saddles than with my riding saddle. I will have numerous pics and reels of footage that I could send you by the time this journey is over. It will end up being two years in total from Mongolia to Hungary. The only problem I have had with the plastic boxes is that they change shape considerably in the extreme heat. The plastic becomes very soft, and the boxes, especially the inner curved side changes form. One of my boxes seems to now be convex on the curved side instead of concave. It is slight but makes a difference as you would imagine. This may have been brought on by packing my clothes bag etc too tightly into the box, but I did the same in cool weather and nothing came of it. Can you suggest how I could bend it back into shape? Anyway, thanks for your support. The two saddles have been invaluable as I have mentioned. Best wishes, Tim.

Hi Kelly, Just a short memo to let you know the great quality I have found in your horizontal adjustable cast aluminum pack saddles. I use them on two large draft mules carrying 90 lbs per side. I recently returned from a 70 mile "Continental Divide Trail" packtrip in Montana where I live and I certainly recommend them. The flat tops are especially handy for carrying saws, fishing poles, etc. that require quick access. Dick Mason

Kelly, Just a note.... Thanks for the special effort to get these pack saddles and harnesses out to me on such short notice. My son heads back to the Air Force in the morning with his first pack trip under his belt. Your equipment was easy to assemble, easy to use and high quality. I have ridden with folks that pack, but I never used a pack saddle before, and none of my saddle horses had ever seen a pack saddle. Even so, I lead a string of three newbies behind me for 30 miles through the mountains in north east Georgia without incident. We hauled between 100 and 120 pounds per horse on the way out to camp, pushing about 5 miles an hour. I don't have a clue why old timers keep using the sawbuck or Decker saddles when yours are available. Similar price, much easier on a horse's back, and low maintenance beta straps. Thanks again, Mike Kinsey www.StartemRight.com (South Carolina, USA)

Dear Kelly, The parcel arrived last Friday. We immediately used the pack saddle for a weekend trip to friends 40km away (2x 8h walking time). It took less than an hour to put everything together and adjust the saddle. Great! My horse carried tent, sleeping bags and some more stuff (not too heavy) without the slightest sign of feeling uncomfortable or exhausted. Everything worked perfectly well. I will certainly have to make some minor adjustments for the long trip (the pad tends to slip backwards), but altogether I'm extremely happy with the new gear! The book is also very helpful! Thank you! --- Hedwig Emmerig Switzerland

I just wanted to get back to you about the Bug Dope. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this stuff a solid 12. The smell alone keeps them away. It makes the buckskin look a little funny, but bug-free is more important than looks to me. I have given this stuff such a great sale to my Vet that she may be contacting you regarding it. Good luck and thanks again. Jeff Hudson Montana, U.S.A.